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Romeo and Juliet


Resumé of the Play

Romeo and Juliet come from two families in Verona who have been enemies for a long time. When the two young people fall in love and decide to get married they have to keep it a secret. Romeo kills one of Juliet`s relatives and is banned from the city. Juliet`s parents want her to get married to an influential man. She is desparate and with the help of a priest she pretends to have poisoned herself. Romeo hears that and returns to Verona where he finds her obviously dead. He drinks a bottle of poison and dies. At that moment Juliet wakes up and when she sees her dead lover she kills herself, too. The two families are reconciled but it is too late.

Theme of the Story

  • Love at first sight
  • The influence of family and class on our lives


Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare`s best-­known plays. It is the tragedy of two star-­crossed young lovers who cannot live their love because they do not come from the "right" families.


Adapted script of the play Worksheeets:

  • A lot of Language in Romeo and Juliet
  • The Story of Romeo and Juliet
  • A Horoscope of Star-­Crossed Lovers
  • A Town at Shakespeare`s Time
  • William Shakespeare`s Curriculum Vitae
  • The Big Shakespeare Quiz


  • Performing the play -­ it lends itself to inclusive classrooms because there are several scenes which can involve all students.
  • Filling in the worksheets
  • Making up new horoscopes
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