Community Integration Sonderpädagogik

Peter and the Wolf


Resumé of the Story

Little Peter lives with his grandfather in Russia. One day he leaves the house to hunt the wolf. A bird, a duck and a cat follow him. Suddenly the wolf comes, catches the duck and swallows her. But with the help of the cat and the bird Peter can catch the wolf with a rope and when the hunters come they all go back to grandfather`s house.

Theme of the Story

  • Courage and Obedience
  • co-­operation


Peter and the Wolf was composed by Sergej Prokofiev (1891-­1953) to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra. Each character in the story is represented by a different instrument.


  • Booklet
  • Flashcards of all the characters and instruments
  • Flashcards with the corresponding words


  • Telling the story
  • Listening to the music
  • Identifying the instruments
  • Matching instruments and characters
  • Watching the film
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