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Resumé of the Novel

The eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein creates a human being out of old bones. Victor brings the creature to life with the help of electricity and calls him Felix = Happy. But as it turns out Felix is not happy at all because he is ugly and lonely. In the course of the novel he kills all people that are important to Victor to take revenge on him. In the end Victor chases Felix towards the North Pole where both of them find their death.

Theme of the Story

  • Scientific curiosity
  • consequences of blindfold experimenting



Frankenstein, or The Modern Promethus was written by British author Mary Shelley when she was only eighteen. The book was first published anonymously in London in 1818.


  • Book in the style of a graphic novel
  • Wanted Poster
  • Newspaper article
  • Letter written by Captain Walton to his sister


  • Telling and reading the story
  • Drawing Felix on the Wanted Poster and describing his misdeeds
  • Writing a short newspaper article about Victor Frankenstein`s life.
  • Reading Captain Walton`s letter and filling in the gaps
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