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A Christmas Carol


Resumé of the Novel

Ebenezer Scrooge is a tight-­fisted old man who hates everything: Christmas, relatives and himself. On Christmas Eve he is visited by the ghost of his dead partner Marley who warns him that the ghosts of his past Christmas, his present Christmas and his future Christmas will visit him that night. Scrooge is taken back to a friendlier past, his cruel present with his under-­paid clerk and a sad future in a lonely grave. When Scrooge wakes up he has changed and is a better man.

Theme of the Story

  • Social criticism
  • What greed makes out of people
  • Generosity


The author Charles Dickens wrote the book in the early Victorian era, when new Christmas traditions such as Christmas trees and greeting cards were introduced. Dickens main source for the tale was his own childhood as a very poor boy, an experience he never forgot and used as a topic in several of his novels.


  • Adaptation of the novel for the stage with the main characters
  • Extra sheets for further characters that may be introduced. It is very important to involve every student in the performance, especially in inclusive classrooms.


  • Performing the play -­ especially before Christmas! Parents will love it!
  • An additional sheet separates the roles so that the teacher does not have to print the whole text for everyone.
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