Community Integration Sonderpädagogik

Transition from School to Employment

Career planning

Career planning is incorporated in the curriculum for students' grade 7 and 8. Key elements of career planning are offering crucial information and developing the students' individual, social, theoretical and practical competencies regarding their future integration into employment. Co-operation with parents, external agencies and employers is regarded to be taken highly into account.

Career planning is an overall principal in secondary education and it can be carried out by offering separate lectures or in integrated into different appropriate lectures.

SEN pre-vocational year

A pre-vocational year for SEN – students can be established in special schools. The young people shall be prepared to meet the challenges of every day and working life by receiving in-depth general education as well as theoretical and practical education in order to develop their individual skills and cross competencies. Pre-vocational education is based on the student's individual preconditions and it aims at increasing his/her individual and professional abilities, developing his/her creativity and the ability for decision making, making use of his/her knowledge and skills and facilitating his/her participation in a lifelong learning process.

Co-operation and collaboration of all key actors inside and outside school is given high priority.

General pre-vocational year

SEN – students may also attend an inclusive/integrative setting at general pre-vocational school (Polytechnische Schule). Up to date these classes are established on the basis of trial projects but they are supposed to get a legal framework in the near future. Usually SEN- students are taught according to the curriculum of the SEN – pre-vocational year. In many cases a kind of "individual curriculum" has to be developed which in general is a combination of the SEN and the general curriculum. These combined curricula may also be applied to students in special schools.

Counselling service for students

Counsellors are specially trained teachers whose task is supporting students, schools, parents and other key actors offering:

  • general information on pathways of education and training - in schools, at parents' meetings…
  • individual counselling of students, parents and teachers during the transition period from school to employment
  • co-operation with other counselling services


Clearing is provided for SEN students by external services. It is a process that focuses on the identification of the individual student's abilities and needs concerning concerning his/her future professional life. This process is carried out by experts in close co-operation with the student, his/her parents and the school. The main task of Clearing is to show realistic professional perspectives based on individual assessment, counselling and coaching.

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