Community Integration Sonderpädagogik

Quality in Special Needs Education


The QSP-project aimed at deducting approaches for Opportunity-to-learn-Standards from a comprehensive and focused evaluation of special needs education at school (comprising inclusive institutions and special schools).

On the basis of the experience of experts from diverse practical fields of special needs education the following tasks should be pursued:

1.      Denominate problems areas where more precise legal and financial frame-work conditions needed in order to better guarantee the quality of all SNE offers.

2.      Formulate guidelines for the organisational management of SNE offers in the frame-work of existing legal regulations in the regions and at the school locations and thus put an emphasis on the schools’ obligations which proceed from of the general SNE objectives.

3.      Define pedagogic requirements and preconditions for instruction more explicitly, which can be regarded as minimum standards taking into account the individual promotion of all pupils and the achievement of inclusion targets.

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