Community Integration Sonderpädagogik

Legal Framework

Since 1993 children with special educational needs have been legally entitled to attend primary school. Through the 1996 amendment of the School Organisation Act, this option was also extended to lower secondary education (10 to 14-year-olds). 

The legal encompassment of the inclusion of children and adolescents with special educational needs (SEN) has modified our school system decisively. Mainstream schools have been obliged since then to take organisational and didactical measures to meet the special needs of these children at school.

Parents have the free choice of sending their children to a special school or to a mainstream school. Based on special needs opinions, the District School Board (District School Inspector) decides whether special educational needs are allocated to a child.


Please visit the section "Gesetzliche Grundlagen" to find detailed information on the legal framework for special needs and inclusive education in German language.

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